JING! Polish Demo

Since we launched JING! Polish one month ago, we’ve had some questions about the best way to use it. The first thing we figured out was that a terry cloth is the best type of rag – softer types of cloths just absorbed the polish instead of rubbing it onto the metal.

Another question that people often ask is, “what makes JING! better than my brand? Why should I switch?” And truthfully, the only way to see the difference between JING! and any other brand is to, well, SEE the difference. We asked the Chroman and Junior to show off their polishing skills, and they were happy to oblige.

Interested in any of the products we used? They’re all related items on our JING! page! Remember, JING! is 100% rouge, never watered down with mineral spirits.

Until next time, don’t drive an ugly (or unpolished) truck!

JING! Truck Polish demo video